The battery exchange station for micromobility - Fast battery swap in less then 60 seconds.


The battery swapping network for:

The clever solution

for charging and swapping
portable batteries

Charging and range problems? Swobbee solves them! Swobbee is the efficient solution for the professional operation of

Small electric vehicle fleets in the field of sharing, logistics and delivery as well as other electricity-based applications. Our Battery-as-a-Service and Charging-as-a-Service approach enables a simple, convenient and cost-optimized transition to electric mobility.

Eight common battery types for numerous micromobile applications are already integrated into the Swobbee system: OKAI A, OKAI B, Segway, AES, AkkuVision, Kumpan, Torrot and GreenPack. More will follow.

Our business models

Our two complementary business models are designed to
meet the unique needs of your business.


Here, Swobbee not only takes over all processes related to the safe and efficient use of batteries, but also provides you with a battery pool.

From the constant availability of fully charged batteries, to managing defective batteries, to recycling, we do our best to save you the heavy hassle of owning batteries.

Payment is made via a monthly subscription model.

Sharing Providers,
Last-Mile Delivery, Quick-Commerce & B2B

Payment model:

monthly subscription


In our charging-as-a-service model, we take care of all the processes required for safe and efficient charging of your batteries.

The swobbee stations can be placed in strategic locations for your business and are intended exclusively for your business.

Payment is made according to a pay-per-swap model.

Sharing Providers
Payment model:
Payment per exchange

Multimodality from the start

Swobbee is “the central filling station” for the booming micromobility and an essential building block in the emission-free urban mobility of the future.

Next stop: Future

The new app for battery swapping (iOS and Android) and the Operator Dashboard for absolute transparency in operations.

One for All

E-scooters, e-bikes, e-load bikes, mobile power supply and much more – the multimodal solution for the entire micromobility!

User-friendly APP

The Swobbee app can be used to display available locations nearby and reserve batteries. - API interface for sharing APPs available.

The extra energy

Smart, scalable, secure – Swobbee is the comprehensive charging infrastructure solution for existing and new business concepts!

Next stop: Future

Swobbee is the first manufacturer-independent battery exchange station for all types of small electric vehicles.

The intelligent Swobbee stations fill the existing charging infrastructure gap in micromobility. With their advanced technical solutions, the sharing points and our self-developed cloud software platform are already up to meet all the requirements of the coming years.

System open:
Space for more

System openness is an essential component of Swobbee DNA. Basically, any type of battery from micromobility can be integrated into the interchange stations. With Okai A, Okai B, Segway, AES, Akkuvision, Kumpan, Torrot and GreenPack , 8 batteries from leading manufacturers are already integrated. Numerous e-kick scooters, e-scooters, e-cargo bikes and more can already be operated today. More battery types for even more applications are already in preparation. New battery partners are welcome.


Efficient and sustainable use of sharing vehicles without their own charging infrastructure.


Solutions for Last Mile Delivery Concepts with Light Electric Vehicles (e.B. cargo bikes)


Whether you deliver with e-bike, e-moped or scooter, with Swobbee you can easily change batteries at any time.

No Swobbee in town yet?

The Swobbee network is growing. We are always looking for new location partners who will help us to advance the energy transition.

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