With Swobbee,
there is no empty.

Always a running eMobility fleet.

Swobbee makes
mobile energy
flexible simple safe Available.


The mobility revolution may come. Swobbee makes mobile energy usable for All!

The electric drive now has exactly your range! Electric scooters, e-bikes, e-cargo bikes, golf carts, lawnmowers, mobile power supply and much more: Swobbee keeps everyone running. sustainable. Keep going! Easily replace batteries with Swobbee and travel sustainably without limits.Swobbee is a great idea that is already becoming a reality. Two battery systems for a variety of logistics and sharing solutions are already integrated: GreenPack and Kumpan.

One system for everyone

Modular & Scalable

grows with the requirements


Rent batteries instead of buying


second-time change


for charging different batteries


public and private sites


safe battery management

The optimal solution for applications in the fields of


Sharing vehicles without own charging infrastructure efficient and sustainable Operate.


Solutions for last mile Delivery concepts with electric light vehicles (e.g. cargo bikes).


Mobile power supply without mains connection. Ideal for crafts, construction work, garden and landscape maintenance, and many more.


Change instead of chargingin under 30 seconds.


At any timeavailable locations view nearby and Reserve batteries.

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Fast and controlled charging in a publicly accessible exchange station.

Infrastructure for professionals

A small exchange with a big impact:

Swobbee is the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to be electrically mobile. The foundation stone for a modern, urban energy infrastructure has been laid. Due to the basic system openness, additional batteries will be added in the future.

More and more applications can benefit from the connection to the Swobbee station. Change batteries? It’s that easy:

Time to switch

More sustainability & efficiency with the Swobbee Station

Restrictions were yesterday:
Swobbee makes energy available where it is needed.

Battery change in 30 seconds.
Any time.
As often as necessary.

Swobbee Stations


Swobbee has successfully launched in Berlin.
Since autumn 2018, the stations will be used around the clock for sharing,
Logistics and off-grid - an energy boost for every business!

When growth becomes sustainability.


Swobbee Pitch at ECOSUMMIT

Tobias Breyer & Thomas Duscha pitch Swobbee at ECOSUMMIT 2019 in Berlin!

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The energy revolution

The advantages of the Swobbee system also include the many dynamic partners. Together we ensure sustainable, future-oriented energy solutions and strong electromobility.Pooling strengths, utilizing potential: The revolution is only a removable battery.

Thats what our customers say.


Unlimited energy.
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Pooling strengths, exploiting potential:
The revolution is only a replacement battery away.

Swobbee connects people, opens up opportunities and creates time for the essentials.

Let’s get in touch! Together we pack the mobility and energy transition!

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