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Modern power storage systems offer a decentralized energy source away from the power grid – which, thanks to Swobbee, bubbles reliably. Ideal for crafts, construction, gardening and landscape maintenance, camping, events and many other applications.

The mobile energy supply by means of high-performance batteries is quiet and emission-free and thus a sensible alternative to gasoline- or diesel-powered generators. With Swobbee, you always have access to fully charged, functional batteries to focus on your project.


Crafts and construction sites

Swobbee gives every construction and design project the necessary energy boost and enables the flexible use of power-powered tools and devices – of course sustainable and emission-free by means of rechargeable batteries. Our battery sharing points always provide sufficient energy supply.

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Camping and Festival

Swobbee makes the music: If you don’t want to give up a reliable energy supply for cooling boxes, radios and the like, even when camping or at the festival, you can now resort to silent and emission-free battery-powered alternatives to conventional generators. Thanks to Swobbee, a fully charged battery is always at hand when you need it.

Use the Energybox.


Swobbee helps you successfully run events in all locations. No power grid? No problem! Light, image, sound: Swobbee reliably supplies all applications with energy even without an external power supply. With convenient sharing points, you don’t have to worry about charging times, charging infrastructure, and battery storage conditions.


The Sortimo L-Box enables mobile energy supply for craftsmen. On the construction site or at other locations, for example, it simplifies the use of power-powered tools. The multifunctional box with storage space for tools also includes a GreenPack battery, with which 48VDC can be converted into 230 V without much energy loss. Handy, flexible and usable anywhere.

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Whether at festivals, camping or on the film set, the Kraftzwerg convinces with its versatile application possibilities. Powered by three to four GreenPacks, it replaces a conventional generator. Thanks to the batteries, the compact application is emission-free and much quieter than a motor-powered generator, but can easily keep up with it with a continuous power of 2000 watts.

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One device, many applications. The Köppl Compakt-Easy E CE E is a modular multitool powered by 1-2 GreenPacks with various attachments for green and grey area care. With a stepless hydraulic drive and a battery power of two to three hours, the quiet application can be used all year round and serve, for example, as a lawnmower, sweeper or as a snow cutter.

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The weed machine of Michaelis easily removes weeds from grey areas. The device, powered by a GreenPack, is not only emission-free, but also long-range, with an operating time of 2.5 hours per battery charge. For the user, the use is more pleasant compared to a motor-operated machine due to the lack of exhaust gases. The volume is also drastically reduced, which is beneficial for both the user and those in the immediate vicinity.

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Occupied charging stations for electric vehicles are an annoying problem in everyday life, which the service of Chargery can solve. The company makes charging easier for the drivers of electric vehicles by bringing the charging station, which is powered by 12 GreenPacks, to the vehicle’s location. With a capacity of 24 kW/h, the vehicle can be supplied with a range of 160 km. Mobile and flexible Chargery means more time and comfort for the user.

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The potential of electromobility is by no means exhausted in the classic vehicle segments, as the HOAC revolving stage at the Royal Opera In Copenhagen shows. The stage element, which is operated with two GreenPacks, has a central control module and an electric motor. This eliminates the need for an external power supply, which makes the revolving stage ideal for tours and guest performances, for example.

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Mobile charging infrastructure

Swobbee provides energy. charging station? Or no charging station nearby? No longer a problem in large cities: The Swobbee energy network provides the starting point for simple and effective solutions for a mobile charging infrastructure. Ideal for “reach delivery services” to power free-floating e-carsharing fleets and juiceless e-cars.

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