Charging infrastructure for sharing providers

We optimize your sharing operations

Rethinking Sharing Operations

Swobbee offers an intelligent, safe & decentralized charging solution for batteries from different manufacturers.

A Swobbee station is always nearby, i.e. directly in the area of operation of your fleet.

This increases the availability of your fleet while your batteries are safely charged. By decentrally charging the batteries in the swobbee, you save costs for the operation of warehouses, as well as for the collection and redistribution of the batteries.

By analyzing the battery data, we can not only give you an evaluation of the current condition of the batteries, but also detect defective and dangerous batteries at an early stage and back them up in time.

Benefits with Swobbee

Sharing Applications

The following sharing applications are already integrated into the Swobbee system.

Market analysis
& Consulting

We will find the right solution for your business case. Our professionals will help you with questions about batteries and charging infrastructure, and advise you on the integration of new vehicles and rechargeable batteries.

Full control with app & dashboard

Battery change in seconds with the app for iOS and Android. Quite simply for the operations employee or the end customer.

And the Operator Dashboard creates an absolute overview for every fleet operator. Information about every station, every battery and every swap and all statistics available with a few clicks!

Sharing Provider Customers

jenaer nahverkehr logo

Sinah Truffat


Sinah is responsible for building Swobbee’s international presence and making sustainable charging the new standard.

Guillaume O. Croset


Guillaume has a lot of experience in managing large projects at home and abroad. His French charm makes him an indispensable part of the expansion team.

Daria Kerssenbrock


Daria is the contact when it comes to realizing the best possible locations for our Swobbees.

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