Swobbee is more than just an exchangeable battery system. Swobbee is a smart solution for a continuous supply of mobile energy with a high degree of individualization – made for your business!

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The Swobbee Station sets itself apart with sophisticated technology and outstanding functionality. Complete information is available here.


The robust batteries are produced externally with outstanding workmanship.

Swobbee Stations are weatherproof and therefore suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The modular battery exchange stations are available with 4 or more compartments and can be expanded as needed.

Various battery types of our partners can be safely charged and stored in the station compartments of the open system. The following batteries are compatible with the Swobbee system: GreenPack and Kumpan.

Further technical details for our Swobbee Station are found here.


In addition to charging optimisation and monitoring, the sophisticated Swobbee software offers numerous helpful functions for operators and customers, making the use and administration of the Swobbee Station simple and efficient.

They include user recognition, monitoring, billing, statistics and more. Various user groups can be served thanks to the adaptable interface.

Swobbee Stations can also be clustered for network-friendly electricity storage and delivery management.

Details of the device
  • Dimensions
    609mm/2274mm/843mm (L/H/B)
  • for more information
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Thanks to the practical Swobbee app, using the energy infrastructure is even more convenient. In just a few steps, you can find the closest sharing point, reserve a battery, generate evaluations or contact our friendly customer service.

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Compatible battery systems


The start-up GreenPack based in Berlin has developed a standardized, portable battery, which is being used by more than 30 electro-mobility applications in the meantime – from cargo e-bikes to weed tillers.

Details of the device
  • Dimensions
    368mm x 217mm x 88mm (L/H/W)
  • Weight
    8.8 kg
  • Voltage
    48V (charging voltage 58.8V)
  • Lithium-ion battery
    Lithium-Ion Battery High-performance 18650 lithium-ion round cells
  • Interface
    Standardized electrical geometric interfaces
  • System
    Progressive battery management system (BMS) with temperature control
  • Discharge current
    limited at 25A continuous current (max. 30 seconds 60A)

Kumpan battery

The Remagen family business Kumpan Electric produces stylish e-scooters in a retro look. Kumpan has developed its own high-performance battery, the “Kraftpaket”.

Details of the device
  • Dimensions
    213mm/394mm/89mm (L/H/B)
  • Weight
    9.9 kg
  • Voltage
    48V (charging voltage 58.8V)
  • Lithium-ion
    powerful 18650 lithium-ion round cells
  • Interface
    standardized electrical & geometric interfaces
  • System
    of advanced battery management system (BMS) with temperature control
  • Discharge current
    limited at 80A continuous current
  • Plug
    Waterproof sealed plug
  • Certificates
    UN 38.3 and IEC 6213
  • Communication
    with charging or terminal equipment via CAN bus

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