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New logistics concepts can save cities from gridlock even as parcel volumes are on the rise. Cargo e‑bikes handle inner city deliveries from strategically located micro-hubs, replacing diesel-powered vans. That means less traffic, noise and exhaust fumes for the residents. For logisticians it means no inner city access restrictions, no search for parking spaces and no shortage of drivers since cargo e‑bikes do not require a driving license. A win-win situation for everyone involved. With Swobbee, electrification of the last mile really picks up speed.

Batteries for the following, existing sharing vehicles and applications can be exchanged at the Swobbee Station:


Emission-free transport of goods is the vision behind the Armadillo from Velove. The four-wheeled vehicle with electric assist is intended to replace delivery vans in the future, for parcel delivery among other applications. An aluminium frame and adjustable seat enhance the bike’s comfort for the driver. It is more compact and manoeuvrable than conventional vans, scoring points in city traffic in particular. Integration of the GreenPack battery is currently under way to make the Armadillo GreenPack-powered in the future.

Further information is available here.


Parcel delivery is often becoming unreasonable for drivers in city traffic. Big delivery vans are part of the problem. The Tretbox Cargopedelec facilitates parcel delivery, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly. Powered by a 250 W wheel hub motor, the electric vehicle features a cargo volume of about 2 cubic metres and a narrow design, helping it get ahead faster in crowded city traffic.

Further information is available here.


The Carla Cargo is a high-performance bicycle trailer and hand cart for large and bulky loads. With the powerful electric motor and two strong disc brakes, this vehicle offers a safe and pleasant driving experience. Carla Cargo trailers can be used with any conventional bicycle, pedelec and e-bike. Unhooked from the bicycle, the Carla serves as a motorised hand cart that can be used in pedestrian zones where using bicycles is not permitted or practical. The Carla Cargo is also available with our Greenpack. It complements the system with its high energy density and makes it a reliable everyday helper.

Further information is available here.


A lorry on three wheels – the evolo Z2 cargo bike conveniently transports goods and is environmentally friendly. This trike with a maximum permissible weight of up to 500 kg has a 500 W Crystalyte motor and is powered by a GreenPack. The vehicle is also equipped with a 14-speed gear shift for enhanced driving comfort. Numerous installed lights and the two side mirrors ensure a safe ride.

Further information is available here.


Cycles Maximus offers numerous different cargo bikes. They range from the practical CabTrike, which transports up to three passengers from A to B, to the Max Van Trike, which can be used to transport a variety of goods. All Cycles Maximus vehicles are GreenPack-compatible. Designed for a load capacity of up to 300 kg, they can truly make everyday life easier and constitute an environmentally friendly substitute for a car.

Further information is available here.


The Electric Assist is available for all MaxPro bicycles. From rickshaws to cargo bikes, the company offers a large selection of bikes with electric support. The motor powered by a GreenPack has a range of 20-80 km, facilitating the environmentally friendly transport of people and goods. An LCD screen shows the speed and other useful information for the driver.

Further information is available here.


Reliable infrastructure for professionals

With Swobbee, you eliminate one worry and investment in the challenging day-to-day logistics business: we provide a high-performance exchangeable battery infrastructure, covering all requirements for a modern and secure charging infrastructure from storage to charging to maintenance and insurance.

Boosting efficiency on the last mile

Swobbee makes light electric vehicles even more attractive as an alternative to conventional diesel-powered vans. Our Sharing Points make the energy supply of the future as simple as conventional filling stations – but faster and without diesel gloves! You reduce your downtime and keep your entire fleet operational.

Risk-free battery use

With Swobbee, you enjoy the peace of mind that fully charged, functional batteries are always available for your e-fleet – 100% service, 0% risk. Another benefit of our cross-platform battery concept: we offer an uniform energy solution, even for non-homogeneous fleets.

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